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Apple Authorized Service.
Here to save your day!

Apple Authorized Service.

Here to save your day!


Hours & Appointments

Start your service and choose a day & time to drop off your device. Rush options available!


4690 Longley Ln Suite 42. East of the Airport in Reno, NV. View Map Here.


Phone / Text

Call or Text 775-626-7751 anytime!

Health & Safety

Curbside available,
meticulous cleaning
Masks encouraged.

About Apple Service at Mac-O-Rama

Certified technicians, Authorized Apple Service, Long time experts. Service starts at $165 + Parts.

Mac & iPhone Service

Apple Authorized warranty and out of warranty service for Mac and iPhone. Whether your Apple product is broken or just needs a little tender loving care, we can help!

Stay Safe

You can trust our team to help navigate the complexities of technology and keep your business and life safe from all types of threats, from malware to natural disasters.

Data Recovery

Mac data recovery done right! Don’t risk your valuable data to an inexperienced provider with cheap tools that could do more harm than good! Come see us!

Macs for Business

From basic advice to proactive managed service, we’re here to help you save money, get more from your technology investments, and protect your business!

Accidental Damage?

It’s an awful feeling when your Mac is harmed by a liquid spill or other accident. We specialize in accidental damage repairs and in rescuing data in even the most extreme cases.


Are you a Mac in a Windows world? It’s our specialty! We’re the experts at helping everyone get along!

About Us

Local & Family Owned • Established in 1997, In Reno since 2002

Our Purpose

To quickly and kindly rescue you from the frustration of crisis and help move you to a state of tech bliss! Our family owned, local company has helped tens of thousands of locals since 2002!

When local experts are stumped…

They turn to our team to get Mac problems figured out. Decades of experience gives us keen insight on complex technical issues and the business and personal challenges that they create!

Trusted by Apple

Mac-O-Rama is Reno’s only independent Apple Authorized Service Provider. All of our technicians are Apple Certified and pursue continual education to maintain the highest levels of skill and knowledge.

Safety & Wellness @ Mac-O-Rama

Everyone Is Welcome

We are here to serve our community and strive to be inclusive in every aspect of our business. We respect diversity!

Safe Zone

Mac-O-Rama is a safe zone. All weapons are prohibited in our private business for the safety of our staff and patrons.

Need Help, Just Ask!

If you need any assistance carrying equipment in to the shop or need pickup or delivery, let us know, we're here to help!

Wear A Mask If You Are Sick

We also offer curbside service, pickup and delivery, and support by phone or remote access. 

Squeaky Clean!

All equipment that visits our shop is obsessively cleaned  – At check-in and before returning to you.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in our showroom and during onsite service. For smoky environments, we offer remote services.

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