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About Us

Local & Family Owned • Established in 1997, In Reno since 2002

Our Purpose

To quickly and kindly rescue you from the frustration of crisis and help move you to a state of tech bliss! Our family owned, local company has helped tens of thousands of locals since 2002!

When local experts are stumped…

They turn to our team to get Mac problems figured out. Decades of experience gives us keen insight on complex technical issues and the business and personal challenges that they create!

Trusted by Apple

Mac-O-Rama is Reno’s only independent Apple Authorized Service Provider. All of our technicians are Apple Certified and pursue continual education to maintain the highest levels of skill and knowledge.

We quickly and compassionately rescue customers from the frustration of computer crisis and  provide education and strategic IT services to prevent future disasters.
The Vision…

We believe that when people use technology well, it improves communities, builds small businesses and provides amazing tools for sharing our lives. Our vision is to help our customers achieve tech bliss. It’s the point at which technological tools are serving your goals in your business, community and your life, seamlessly.

About the Company…

Mac-O-Rama is your local, family owned Apple specialist offering services and consulting in Northern Nevada since 2002. Highlights:

  • Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Warranty and out of warranty repair
  • One to one training, group classes, and educational seminars
  • Service at your location or ours
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Mac Point of Sale and Business Management tools
  • IT Services and Managed Service Contracts
  • Mobility solutions and integration

We began our business nearly 20 years ago as a web based company selling Mac games and accessories during the early years of the web boom. After relocating to Sparks, Nevada in 2001, Apple asked us to open a retail location to serve customers in the area.

In 2012, we adapted our solutions again, focusing on services, consulting and training. We serve businesses and consumers that want the highest level of service and expertise!

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