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Question from Craig: Do I need a separate computer for each website that I want to create? I want to host my own sites in my home and have e-mail address for each site.

Jason answers: You do not need a separate computer for each website you want to host. One computer can handle several sites. If you have busy websites, you may need to have more powerful hardware or separate the busy websites to dedicated computers. You can definitely start with one computer to handle multiple websites.

There are quite a few things to consider when hosting your own websites from home. Not only are you configuring your websites, but now you are maintaining network access to those sites. You will have to consider download and upload speed. All of your traffic will be uploading to your website visitors and most residential Internet services will give you very low upload speeds. Also, if your Internet connection goes down, so does access to all of your websites.

So yes, you can run as many websites as you want on a single computer, it just matters how busy they get and whether that one computer can handle it. Just keep in mind that hosting multiple websites from home, especially if these sites get busy, can become a full-time job.


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