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Question from Velda: On the new MacBook Pro, which is better, the regular hard drive, or the solid state, and why?

Jason answers: I wouldn’t say, overall, that one is better than the other. It depends on your needs.

If you need a large amount of storage without paying an arm and a leg, then a regular hard drive (HD) is better. For example, if you order a new MacBook Pro from Mac-O-Rama and want 500GB of hard drive space, you would pay $1300 EXTRA for a 512GB solid state drive (SSD).

If you want to compare performance, then the SSD is better. You will see performance gains of 30%-50% in all operations compared to a standard HD.

Another comparison deals with the how an SSD compares with an HD in composition. An SSD does not have any moving parts so it is silent. You will hear an HD spin, whine, and click as the internal components move around. If silence is a factor in your purchase, then the SSD is better.

Since the SSD does not have any moving parts, you would think it should be better than an HD as far as reliability. In fact, it is. I read about a test where an SSD was put on top of a paint shaker while an operating system was booted up and a game was being played. It survived for 40 minutes. An HD wouldn’t last more than a few seconds. However, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! An SSD is still an electronic device and can fail without warning. Always have a backup of your data. When it comes to backup… Three copies of your data are better than two copies of your data.


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