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Question from Shelly: Considering its size and weight, what is the proper way to lift and transport a 27″ iMac?

Jason answers: If you are lifting the iMac to move it a short distance, I would suggest:

1) Remove all cords and connectors. Note that you can even remove the power cord out of the back of the iMac (gently), which helps prevent tripping on the cord as you move it.

2) Make sure your remove jewelry or clothing with embellishments that may scratch the glass. Give the iMac a hug with your arms wrapped around the sides or under the display and your palms pressed flat against the back of the display.

3) Lift with your legs, not your back.

If you are taking the iMac on a car ride (like to the park, or in to Mac-O-Rama for service), I would face the display against the seat and the wrap the seatbelt securely against the back of the display for the duration of the trip.

If you have to travel with the iMac on a regular basis, or if you have to ship the iMac, the cheap way to ensure security is to keep and use the original box (with all of the styrofoam), if possible. The original box has great padding that ensures that the iMac does not shift during shipping or other travel.

If you don’t have your original box, you may want to pickup an iLugger (or something similar) to make it easy to move it around. Check out their website at http://www.ilugger.com/.


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