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Question from Herb: Need VERY easy to learn house design sw for MAC 10.4.11.  Don’t need all the finishes and furniture. Just 3 D dwgs to scale.

Jason answers: Hi Herb!

There are a few 3D drawing softwares that come to mind:

(Free, Pro version is $500) Google’s SketchUp

(Free) Sweet Home 3D looks interesting

(Standard $50, Pro $150) Live Interior 3D from Belight software (a great software company)

(Standard $120, Pro $250) Microspot’s Interiors

These are all affordable compared to professional 3D CAD programs that cost thousands of dollars. Whether they are easy to use, I am not sure. I don’t use 3D software, but all these products are geared towards non-professionals so the learning curve should not be as steep. You can also download demos of these programs to see which one works for you.

– Jason

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