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Since MobileMe is going away at the end of this month, many people will need to move their MobileMe hosted websites to another web hosting service provider. If you made your website in iWeb, you should be asking yourself: Where does my website live?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you should find out right away! If you need help call us to schedule a time to sit down and research the location of your website. You don’t want to wait until July 1st, when suddenly your website is not available!

If your site is hosted by another company, you’re fine where you are. If your site is hosted by MobileMe, you’ll need to take action to move the site to a new server as soon as possible!

1) Choose a hosting provider: We’ve been using Pair Networks since the 90’s and have always had good service, so we highly recommend them: Pair Networks. Or there are many other hosts out there you can use!

2) Open iWeb and select your website. In iWeb 2008 and earlier, Choose File > Publish to Folder and select a place to save the file (like the Desktop). Then you can use an FTP program such as Fetch or Transmit to to copy your site to your new service provider.

In iWeb 2009 and later, simply click the main tab of the website in the left hand side of the iWeb window. Then enter your FTP settings in the “Site Publishing Settings” page.

If this is all a little above your pay grade, we can help. Just call (775) 626-7751 to arrange a consultation!


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