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Backup Your Computer Online!

At Mac-O-Rama, we’re fanatical about back-up. When it comes to backing up your critical data and precious memories, more is better.

Make sure your backup plan matches your tolerance for loss. If you don’t mind losing a week or month’s worth of your stuff, then back-up only weekly or monthly. If you don’t have any tolerance for losing data, then keep your Time Machine backup hard drive plugged in as frequently as possible. Make it a habit!

We recommend performing regular Time Machine backups and an offsite (cloud) backup too. Your Time Machine backup is the easiest, fastest way to restore your computer if the hard drive fails. However, in case of theft, loss, fire or other natural disaster, it’s super important to have a cloud backup too. Our preferred cloud backup provider is Backblaze. It’s inexpensive (really inexpensive!) and has the best restore options. Click here for more info.


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