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Apple Service

Certified, Authorized Mac & iOS Experts

Warranty Repair & Upgrades

Apple Authorized repair for Mac, iPad, iPhone & Beats products.  Whether you have broken Apple equipment, or want to speed up your Mac and extend its usefulness, we can help!

Data Recovery

Mac data recovery done right! Don’t risk your valuable data to an inexperienced provider with cheap tools that could do more harm than good! Come see us!

Accidental Damage?

It’s an awful feeling when your Mac is harmed by a liquid spill or other accident. We specialize in accidental damage repairs and in rescuing data in even the most extreme cases.

Latest News

Welcome to our new website!

Thanks for visiting Mac-O-Rama. We have lots of news this month: 1) Construction is wrapping up at Longley and McCarran. Woohoo!!! You can now travel North and South on Longley through the McCarran intersection. 2) We're remodeling the shop and we'll be announcing...

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iWeb Website Publishing 101

Here are some basic guides for publishing your iWeb site to a web hosting server. Remember, you need to do this before July, if you are currently hosting your site on MobileMe! Also, it's quite a bit easier to do this in iLife 2009 and later, so it may be worth...

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Moving your iWeb website from MobileMe

Since MobileMe is going away at the end of this month, many people will need to move their MobileMe hosted websites to another web hosting service provider. If you made your website in iWeb, you should be asking yourself: Where does my website live? If you don't know...

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Managed For Business

Do your business critical tools operate efficiently and trouble free?  Are you worried about security and other threats? Focus on your business, we’ll handle the IT.

Mac Consulting

Macs for Business

From basic advice to proactive managed service, we’re here to help you save money, get more from your technology investments, and protect your business!


Our clients trust our team to help navigate the complexities technology and keep their business and lives safe from all types of threats, from malware to natural disasters.


Are you a Mac in a Windows world? It’s our specialty! We’re the experts at helping everyone get along!

About Us

Local & Family Owned • Established in 1997, In Reno since 2002

Our Purpose

To quickly and kindly rescue you from the frustration of computer crisis and help move you to a state of tech bliss! Our family owned, local company has helped thousands of people (and their Macs) since we opened the shop in 2002!

When local experts are stumped…

They turn to our team to get Mac problems figured out. Decades of experience gives us keen insight on complex technical issues and the business and personal challenges that they create!

Trusted by Apple

Mac-O-Rama is Reno’s only independent Apple Authorized Service Provider. All of our technicians are Apple Certified and pursue continual education to maintain the highest levels of skill and knowledge.

Recycling Resources

It’s important to recycle electronics. They contain material that should not go in the landfill, including your data! Visit our recycling resources for more info!

Help for Do-It-Yourselfers

If your money is much more scarce than your time, or you just want the satisfaction of doing the work yourself, check out our tips and DIY resources.

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