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How to Get Service

1. Fill Out the Advance Check In
2. Schedule an appointment
3. Arrive & park in a numbered spot 
4. Call or text 775-626-7751 and we'll come get your device. Please wear a MASK : )  Next steps... 

Apple Service @ Mac-O-Rama

We're your friendly neighborhood tech problem solvers! Consulting starts at just $25, out of warranty repair services start at $99. We also perform Apple Warranty Repairs at no cost* to you! Here's how service works at Mac-O-Rama.

*Please note: Apple Warranties do not include data transfer or recovery or other special services. A $99 minimum service deposit will be collected at check-in. We will provide a quote and await approval for additional charges.

??? Call or text 775-626-7751

Perplexing tech problems? We can handle anything, from "I ACCIDENTALLY SPILLED A BEER ON THIS", to syncing, passwords, and annoying email issues. Don't worry, our experienced team can help!

Services at Mac-O-Rama

Caring humans, Apple certified technicians, Authorized Apple Service, Experienced experts

Mac & iPhone Service

Apple Authorized warranty and out of warranty service for Mac and iPhone. Whether your Apple product is broken or just needs a little tender loving care, we can help!

Stay Safe

You can trust our team to help navigate the complexities of technology and keep your business and life safe from all types of threats, from malware to natural disasters.

Data Recovery

Mac data recovery done right! Don’t risk your valuable data to an inexperienced provider with cheap tools that could do more harm than good! Come see us!

Macs for Business

From basic advice to proactive managed service, we’re here to help you save money, get more from your technology investments, and protect your business!

Accidental Damage?

It’s an awful feeling when your Mac is harmed by a liquid spill or other accident. We specialize in accidental damage repairs and in rescuing data in even the most extreme cases.


Are you a Mac in a Windows world? It’s our specialty! We’re the experts at helping everyone get along!

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