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Mac-O-Rama provides local, Apple Authorized iPhone, iPad and iPod Repair featuring Genuine Apple Parts and Apple Certified Technicians!

“I want my repair done today. Why should I bother using an Authorized Service Provider?”

Apple Authorized Service is often cheaper than other local quick fix places and we use genuine Apple parts! Also, if your phone gets ruined by one of these unauthorized service providers using non Apple parts, Apple can’t fix it at that point. Then, your thousand dollar phone is worthless!

Repairs by unauthorized shops often cause more damage, especially on newer devices. Apple Authorized providers are entrusted by Apple, and we maintain the tools and training to get the job done right!

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Frequently Asked Questions:




How long will it take?

Mail in repairs take 3-5 business days. In shop repairs take 1-3 hours.

While many repairs must be overnighted to the Apple depot, certain repairs are completed by our technicians here. Apple is striving to maintain repair quality control and to allow a larger percentage of future repairs to be completed by Authorized Service Providers like us!

How much will it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the type of repair needed. Our most popular service — iPhone glass or screen replacement costs $129 or $149, depending on the model. If you have Applecare+, the cost is just $29!  Please see detailed pricing information for all repair types of all of the Apple iOS devices, here.

Can I borrow a phone while mine is in for service?

For many repairs, we can to provide a loaner phone. Subject to availability.

Accidental damage?

We know that these devices are with us all day everyday, and accidents can happen. We offer reasonable pricing and quick turnaround service (about 3 days) as well as loaner phones for some repairs. Glass replacement cost $129 (All models except Plus) to $149 (Plus models). Unless you have AppleCare+, then the replacement service is $29! Other repair and accidental damage repair ranges from $149 to $349, depending on the phone model. See the full details here.

Note: Does the phone have missing parts? For example, is the home button missing? If so, unfortunately we cannot send it in for repair.

Is it under warranty?
If your device fails while under warranty,  Apple should cover the repair, unless there is accidental damage. Applecare+ can also reduce the cost of repairs, even for devices that are damaged. If you’re not sure, come by the shop and we can look it up in Apple’s system and let you know the cost and next steps!
Do you have a backup?

Do you have a complete backup in iTunes?  When we mail a phone into Apple, they frequently wipe the phone and install a fresh iOS and/or replace the phone with a new one. If it’s not backed up, you will lose your data! Here’s a good primer on how to make a backup of an iOS device.

$29 iPhone Battery

If you would like to have your iPhone 6 or higher battery replaced for $29 in 2018, contact us with your serial number. We will order a battery and call you to schedule installation as soon as the battery arrives in our shop.


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