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When your equipment is exposed to liquid, time is critical!

Within minutes, depending on the type of liquid, the tiny metal contacts inside the computer can begin to corrode, resulting in permanent damage.

The good news is that the Mac-O-Rama technicians are a skilled liquid clean-up crew! Many times we are able to clean the equipment and restore your Mac to functionality without replacing a lot of expensive parts.

Call or come in right away if your system has experienced liquid exposure. Once we’ve finished the cleanup and evaluation, we will advise you of any parts that need to be replaced to restore your Mac to functionality. In the worst case scenario if the Mac is not salvageable, most of the time we can rescue your data and then transfer your photos, documents, movies, music, etc. to your next new or used Mac. Most liquid spill clean-ups cost less than an Apple mail-in repair and/or replacing the computer!

Questions? Call 775-626-7751 for details.

Beer, Alcohol, Liquor, Coffee, Tea, Water, Soda spilled on your Mac? Don’t wait! Bring it in ASAP for cleaning before the damage gets worse. Even if the computer seems to be working, the internal components can continue to corrode over time, rendering your Mac useless!

Please note that any parts affected by liquid or other accidental damage are not eligible for replacement under the Apple Limited warranty or AppleCare. Only AppleCare + covers accidental damage and there is a co-pay fee from Apple ranging from $99 – $299, depending on type of damage.

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