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In Crisis? Call for Emergency Service: 775-626-7751

What if I need my Mac repair or upgrade completed more quickly?

Rush & Emergency Service

For mission critical Macs, we’ll move you to the front of the line. We charge a rush fee of $99 to begin diagnostics immediately. We’re also available after office hours at a premium rate. If you have a service plan with Mac-O-Rama, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to rush service, see your contract for details. Restrictions and availability limitations may apply, please call 775-626-7751 for more information.

Scheduled Service Appointments

Our fast pass service allows you to have more control over when your computer service will take place. Make a fast pass appointment for Priority Service! This works great for planned upgrades and other maintenance services.

How the fast pass works:

  1. Make an appointment. Call 775-626-7751 for a fast pass service appointment. Fast Pass appointments are offered at no additional charge. These appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis and usually need to be scheduled 3 to 5 days in advance.
  2. Drop off your equipment. Bring your system to Mac-O-Rama between 10 AM and 11AM on the day of the fast pass appointment (or the night before).
  3. Pick up the same day. Many fast pass services will be complete by the end of the day, depending on the procedure. We will call you as soon as your equipment is ready for pick-up.

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