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Question from Phil: With money being tight, why should I upgrade my G5 MacPro to a new one?

Jason answers: If you’re asking me this because you want to convince your wife that she should allow you to get a new Mac Pro so you can play the newest, most awesome game… I’m not going to touch that.

But, if you’re a professional that uses this equipment for business, then there are some good reasons to buy a new Mac Pro, rather than keep the old G5. Businesses can lease the new Mac Pro now, and:
• Improve your productivity with Snow Leopard and better equipment,
• Write off the whole purchase on your 2010 taxes,
• Pay later (with a monthly lease)!

Since the Mac Pro is the fastest Mac available, its performance will result in faster project completion—and your organization will benefit from improved work flow because you can get all upgrades you need to be efficient. This ability to add additional hard drive storage, memory, or an upgraded graphics card will likely come in handy at a later time, even if it isn’t obvious now!

So, in short: Get a new Mac now, reduce your 2010 taxes, pay over time! You could very well be considered thrifty and resourceful!


p.s. This PDF has more info about Tax Section 179 (the tax code that makes the magic): Section 179 Summer 2010

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