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Question from Billy: What printers work with the new iOS 4.2 update? Can I just buy any bluetooth printer or does it use something more specific?

Jason answers: Hi Billy! There are only a handful of printers that work with Apple’s AirPrint. The list is at Apple’s AirPrint for iPad page. So why are there less than 15 printers that work with AirPrint? For some reason, Apple only released AirPrint support for printers with built-in AirPrint functionality rather than allowing you to use AirPrint with shared printers on your Mac running 10.6.5.

I believe that Apple will add the functionality to print to shared printers with the next iOS update. For now, there are some third party applications for your iPhone or iPad that allow you to print. If you do a search in the App store for “print” you will see quite a few apps that allow you to print from your iPhone or iPad.

– Jason

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